About Me

About Me


Hi valued readers, my name is Carla.

My name is Carla but everyone calls me Callie, yet this is not due to some special reason. When I was 14 years old entering high school everyone got nicknames. I was a loner and nobody knew me personally to give me a meaningful nickname. So of course the person who I disliked the most came up with Callie and that stuck with me ever since. If people refer to me as Carla they often get asked: “Who is that?”. In a similar way, people only refer to me as “Carla” when they are mad at me.

Who am I?

My home country is South Africa but sometimes I pretend to be a bird, or I create experiences where I feel free like one. Always flying around the globe to experience new things. My adventurous side was awakened after high school when I decided to move from Johannesburg to Stellenbosch to pursue in studying a BSc degree in Human Life Science and Psychology.

Leaving behind all my friends and family, I expected to be nervous and lonely, but somehow I was excited for the unknown. New adventures and exploring new parts of myself in new parts of the world I haven’t seen. After enjoying the experience of being a student and deciding between eating 2 minute noodles or going for a wine tasting on a wine farm, my sense of adventure only grew fiercer.

Every chance I got I made a plan to travel to different places. I was attracted to traveling to the places no one knew about. Like the saying:” Don’t follow in someone else’s footsteps. Create your own way and leave footprints.” Throughout this journey of discovering myself in new places, I realized that being a medical representative doesn’t serve me anymore. So I quit my job and embarked on my first journey overseas alone. Off to India it was, to do my Teacher Training course in Yoga. Finally I found my passion, the reason my heart beat fills the space created for me on earth.

While travelling alone, I met my person. We were both waiting on a train in Chiang Mai upon the end of our travels in Thailand. In a years time, he came to visit South Africa 3 times and I went to visit him in The Netherlands once. Together we are on a journey to travel Australia and surroundings.

Some insight to my blog.

After I quit my job to travel for 4 months I realised that I need a source of income to support not only my travels but my cost to living as well. I ended up taking on an admin job for a while, because my yoga wasn’t picking up as I’d hoped. I thought to myself, there has to be a different way.

I looked for online jobs so I could work anywhere in the world while travelling and came across blog jobs. Suddenly I remembered that a lot of my friends have told me several times that I could write a book, because I am good with my words, always motivate them by sharing my own similar experiences. On top of that, I have amazing stories to share. So I thought if this isn’t a sign then someone might as well hit me with a ton of bricks, because I love writing and expressing myself in art.

Where have I been?

So far I have traveled to Australia, Botswana, Bali, India, Namibia, South Africa, Thailand, The Netherlands. So a lot like my blog my travel journey is only starting, but I am planning to ground my feet in as many countries as possible.

My Favorite place thus far is without a doubt Rishikesh, India. The energy of humbling love eminates from everyone and everything there.

What’s in it for you?

I am sharing my story not because it is unique. I am sharing it because it aint. I am sure there are a lot of people that can resonate with my story and experiences. Maybe someone just have to read or hear – what ever it is that sets your soul on fire, do that.

Take note of your passions and you won’t have to ask the question :” What is my purpose?”

Don’t get trapped in the rythm of fear, as nothing good has ever come from it. Let your brave soul shout louder than your scared perception of the unknown. Your story might just inspire someone else to take the leap and fill their years with life instead of them having a life full of years.

I will share all my experiences while travelling. Things I liked to do and see, for like minded people. I will also include tips on how to save while travelling.