A journey into solitude and adventure – Betty’s Bay & Surrounding

A journey into solitude and adventure – Betty’s Bay & Surrounding


Solitude can be defined as follows – “the state or situation of being alone”, yet this word has a different meaning to so many people. What does your solitude look like? Who cares? If something feels good and resonates with you then do it. It doesn’t matter if you find solitude in your thoughts, when you are in the shower, going for a walk, on the beach or merely breathing in the moment. A state of solitude can be a perceived reflection of your authentic being, without any influence from anyone else. For me personally there is no better way to spend time with my own thoughts than to take a walk on a beach or to sit in front of the powerful mass of calming water and feel minuscule looking at the vast creation. The ocean has a magical way to depolarise my emotional spikes and wash away the clutter in my mind.

What to do close to Gordons Bay?

If you ever find yourself close to Gordons Bay (out of season) in the Western Cape and you want to go to a hidden beach I would recommend you go to Kogel Bay Beach. If you drive on the R44 Heidelberg Rural towards Pringle Bay, you will find what looks like a lookout post. Park your car there and walk down the hill towards the beach. At first the beach looks rocky and not suitable to relax, but a little bit to the right hand side is an open piece of beach surrounded by mountain rocks for shade. If you are there when it is low tide you will be able to walk around the cliff to discover a small cave on the other side. This is still one of my favourite spots of all time. The combination of ocean, beach, mountains and serene atmosphere is something out of this world. This is a safe location to come alone but also great idea if you want your friends to accompany you.

If you, however, find yourself in the area of Pringle Bay and feel adventurous, then you are in for a treat. Close by is a place called Betty’s Bay. Try not to blink as you drive in, because by the time you open your eyes again you will be on the other side of the town. There are 2 things not to miss. If you want to see penguins in their natural playground, then this is a perfect place to observe how they live, smell and eat outside of an aquarium. They are really happy here even though there is no snow. The cold water is habitual to them and make the living conditions perfect for these cute wonky birds in tuxedos. Fun fact: Penguin fossils were found dating back 60 million years ago, which would suggest that they survived the mass extinction of dinosaurs. Penguins have adapted wings called flippers to help them swim, but cannot fly.


If your spirit feels better drenched in adrenalin then treat yourself and go sand boarding on the big dunes. During this experience of walking back up the dune you might ask the question if it is worth it, or why you are doing this again. Don’t worry because the thrill of sliding down the dune at high speed will surely answer that question and make you do it again and again…


From my experience this was one of the best ways to let my inner child come out to play. At first I went down with a fearful mind filled with calculated risks of what can go wrong, typically how an adult will assess a situation with the knowledge of everything that can go wrong. Then I allowed my inner child to consume every part of my mind and I enjoyed the experience to the fullest. So this taught me let go of “adulating” at appropriate times, without feeling bad. There is a child within us all, longing for some love and attention. Don’t lock up that sense of adventure we all have. If something scares you then it is even more reason to try it. Fear is over rated and the illusion you create in your own mind is limiting your reality to enjoy the small things. I would encourage you not to be okay with your biggest fears. Why don’t you chase the fulfilment of liberation instead, and face your fears?

If you are concerned about the amount of walking and climbing, reject those thoughts! Your body will be grateful for some activity. Reward your body once in a while, because it does carry you through life every single day. You will be reminded how thankful your body is a few days afterwards, even if it is with stiff legs or hips. Don’t think about it in a bad way! Those muscles were activated and your body was so excited that you used and discovered new parts of yourself that it is improving itself, building stronger and bigger muscles so the next time you use them, they perform even better.


In the language of duality these options of activity is indeed the opposite, but you will discover yourself on a deeper level and gain something amazing. Do one, do both or do none. Just don’t forget to have fun.


I will be back with more…

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