Dig deep for determination while hiking up a mountain.

Dig deep for determination while hiking up a mountain.

Determination –“The firmness of a purpose.” or “The act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose.”

I feel self-determination is what sets you apart from turning your dreams into goals and actually achieving them. We all use our imagination to dream and try to manifest the brightest future based on where we have been, what we know, what we like, the mistakes we don’t want to repeat and setting ourselves up for the brightest future. This in essence creates the ‘magic’ everyone looks for, but so little believe in. Looking at life like a recipe (if you are in to cooking) or even like a formula (if your mind is more logical) there are certain rules and laws to follow to get the desired outcome. For example – it is wise to know that when you put an egg in boiling water it will harden more and more the longer you leave it in there, but in turn pasta will become soft in the same boiling water. For those logical readers – in order to solve certain equations it is worthwhile to know that if you take A- across the = sign it becomes A+.

So where am I going with this?

Let me put it in travel terms. If you ever find yourself in Cape Town area and want to challenge your determination I would suggest that you go hike up a mountain. There are many options and all have a view at the top that will definitely be worth it. To name a few:

1 – Climb Table Mountain,possibly the 8th wonder of the world. There are 2 routes up that you can choose from, depending on your hiking experience. If you don’t have any hiking experience then this is still a great option for you. You will come across kids and elderly people climbing this mountain for their first hike.

2 – Climb Lions Head, it is very close to Table Mountain. You will be able to view Table Mountain from the top of Lions Head and vice versa. On your way up make sure to wonder off the route to find Wolli’s Cave. A hidden gem in the mountain for a well-deserved break or just to breathe in the view and submerge yourself in the now.

3 – Devil’s Peak is the next option. It is said to take about 3 – 4 hours, depending on your walking fitness. You will have a stunning view of Cape Town and surroundings once you reach the top.

So we have determination plus climbing a mountain. Still don’t know how they marry and merge together? Let me shed some light on my experience and why I think these two go hand in hand. If you enjoy the outdoors you will completely understand that sometimes it takes hard work to get to the amazing views, including hiking up a mountain. I climbed Table Mountain twice and the second time around I was completely experiencing myself, body and mind in the present moment, thus I could acknowledge the movies my mind tried to create and allowed my body to experience the climb.

Looking at the mountain on my way there it looks so small and you feel confident that this will be easy enough. Then you arrive and see other people looking confident to do the climb as well and this motivates you even more, because mass consciousness makes you feel a part of something bigger. Then you stand at the foot of the mountain and you look up, for me this was the first time where I felt I had to respect this mountain, because I realised I had quite a journey ahead of me.

Not long after you start to embark on this journey you will feel your heart beat faster, breath becoming swallow, mouth becoming dry and your sweat glands activates to eliminate toxins. This is a normal process for your body, but this is when our minds start to create stories. You go through stages of denial (I haven’t even been hiking for so long, I can’t be tired already), anger (why am I doing this again?), self-sabotage (This is putting a lot of stress on my body, it can’t be good), hopelessness (Am I in the movie – Never ending story? Will I ever reach the top, because this feels like it will go on forever), bargaining (Will it be easier to just turn around now? The view is good enough for me from here), defeat (I can’t do this anymore. Where is the exit portal that will deliver me to the top of the mountain or at my house?).

After all of that, determination makes its way to the surface. When you realize you have come too far to turn around and that the purpose is for you to reach the top. To feel the liberation of climbing all the way to the top. To give yourself a tap on the shoulder and feel proud that you didn’t give up.

The striking view and feeling of accomplishment that resulted from your determination and dedication will be well worth it.

With this realization in mind, I always try to remind myself of the determination it takes when climbing a mountain – the same when I face a difficult task at hand in every day life. If the task feels impossible or too big, I know I might be close to half way or I realize that I am trying to move or carry the mountain instead of climbing it.

For those that don’t like hiking at all, you are still in luck. You can take the cable way up Table Mountain and still enjoy the spectacular view and vibrant energy that place has to offer.

Till next time…

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