Emerge from sleep

Emerge from sleep

How to bring mindfulness into everything you do. We read everywhere that it is important to be present and to become mindful about the things we do, but how does one do that?

I will share my experiences with you in short blog articles of how I discovered mindfulness in daily activity.


Let’s start at the beginning of our day: Waking up.

Majority of people start their day with an alarm. A reminder that pulls you back to the consciousness of reality. To most people it is not a good few seconds to hear that alarm go off. It means you have to get up and go to work or you have to start your day in some way. Why not start your day with a smile? Try to change your alarm from an annoying sound to a loving sound, a reminder that you have been granted another day, another present. Why not choose your favourite song, a mantra or even a recording of inspiring words (podcast) to wake you up and get you motivated (positive affirmation). Some people convinced themselves that they can’t wake up if their alarm tone is not annoying. Just remember that whether you believe it is true or not, you are right!

If happiness is a choice,then choose to be happy from the moment you come into consciousness after roaming the astral world.

If every thought is indeed a prayer and every word a spell, then cast some magic over your day the moment you open those windows. You will start to notice that all 4 sides of your bed will become the right side to get out.

For those peeps that like to snooze (I myself am guilty of this sometimes), try to notice how a changed thought about an alarm and the sound of your alarm can change your snoozing habits. What goes through your mind every time you snooze? Have you ever thought that you could get a few minutes additional deep sleep if you set your alarm later but get up with the first alarm? Every time your alarm is snoozed you dread getting up even more. Is that the prayer (thought) you want to say to set up your day? Wake up with gratefulness instead of bitterness.

A few examples of morning affirmations:

“Every morning I start my life anew. Nothing that I was before determines who I am or who I am becoming. I watch every thought and word without attachment, easily shifting to good-feeling thoughts. I find alignment with ease. I see beauty and perfection in myself and others. I rejoice in creation and trust in the unknown. Everything I need comes to me effortlessly. I am infinitely abundant. I trust and surrender in the flow of life. I use my power, my word and my energy for good. I know that now is the best moment because it’s the only thing that’s real. I release self-importance and see the unity within all things. I am fully present and actively listening. I take my time with everything. I am giving love without condition and receiving love with grace. I know how important and loved I am. I am one of a kind with gifts that cannot be duplicated. I love myself. I love my life and life loves me.” – Angelina Samadhi

“Today is a day of happiness and peace. I am grounded and cantered. I am grateful for my beautiful life that is filled with many blessings. I move through my day with consciousness, grace and love.”

“I have all that I need to make this a great day of my life.”

I am content and happy with my life because I know I am doing my best and it is god enough.

The affirmation can be as long or as short as you wish. Make it your own and change it as often as needed. Change the way you wake up and be ready for the domino effect throughout the day.


Watch this space for more daily activities done mindfully.

Till next time…

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