Explore Stellenbosch with insight of locals and deeper meaning

Explore Stellenbosch with insight of locals and deeper meaning

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Why travel to Stellenbosch?

If you like to plan your holiday as you go or long in advance. You will love reading my blog about Stellenbosch. I lived there for 4 years so I give you a bit of insight what to do there and what places are loved by the locals.

If you find your comfort by being in nature there are really beautiful places to see in and around The Western Cape. I will take you around the places close to my heart for you to create your own experiences and memories.

Stellenbosch is essentialy a student town that thrives when the university is open and becomes a ghost town when it is holiday season. Both extremities are great to experience.

Come get lost on foot and ground yourself in the natural beauty of the outdoor spaces waiting to be explored.

The full article can be found on Travelicious website. Please follow the link http://travelicious.world/explore-stellenbosch-with-insight-of-locals-and-deeper-meaning/

Feel free to share your experiences if your have been there or if you have other places to add, that you feel is worth while seeing.

Until next time…

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