Mind your teeth

Mind your teeth

Brushing your teeth…

We have been taught from a young age that we should brush our teeth at least twice a day, but have you ever thought about the true significance of the act?

It may mean something different to a lot of people. Most people I asked responded that it is to keep their teeth healthy, their smile and breath fresh. This is a valid reason because our smile and teeth are one of the first impressions we leave with someone. Our teeth is also a reminder of our past. Unlike our skin and other organs that can renew itself, teeth can’t do that without assistance. So every time you look at your teeth you are given a mirror to your past. Whether it be hardship, neglect, drug use or even an accident, the reminder is in your mouth, the place our truth is spoken out of.

I would like to share some interesting information with you about your teeth. They sit on meridian energy centres that connects physical and emotional energy to specific parts in your body. A meridian where energy is free flowing is in a good working condition. When it gets blocked is when pain or illness occurs. There is a teeth meridian chart which can help you identify which organs and emotions are related to what tooth. I hope it will bring mindfulness to the table next time you have a tooth ache.

As I mentioned we speak our truth from our mouth. So the energy of this truth (or lies) travels over our teeth along with the emotions connected to it. Just like food some of these can get stuck. Have you ever found yourself telling the same white lie over and over again with no reason, even if you told yourself you don’t have any reason to and you don’t want to tell it?


Cleanse your mouth and teeth from all physical and energetic dirt.


Affirmation examples:

As I brush my teeth I cleanse my mouth from physical dirt and bacteria as well as energetically stagnant emotions. I spit out the need to lie for any reason and I smile bright through every season.


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