Road Trip to Paarl (South Africa)

Road Trip to Paarl (South Africa)

Road trip?

According to the meaning of road trip is as follows – “a journey via automobile, sometimes unplanned or impromptu”. More often than not it is the unplanned journeys that become more memorable for us than the planned trips. Usually in the making of these memorable moments you are not even aware that things are not going according to plan. The secret is to drop any expectation you might have.

Too often we have a picture in our mind of how the holiday will turn out and when it turns out to be something different we tend to link it to a negative perception. Don’t mistake my words for saying nothing bad ever happens. I am merely saying it is how you perceive a situation and then handle it at the end of the day. You have to accept the bad with the good to maintain a healthy balance of experience. How would you know you prefer sunny days above rainy ones if you haven’t experienced one in your life? Say you don’t like rainy days, but you get to see a rainbow only on those days, would it be worth it?

On the weather subject, the weather in Western Cape can be very unpredictable like everywhere else. You have the privilege to experience four seasons in one day if you are lucky. So I would advise that you always carry something warm and have an umbrella with you just in case. My next tip would be- don’t be scared of the rain or cold weather. Be a chameleon and open to change your plans if the weather decides to change. The Western Cape is still very beautiful when the sun doesn’t shine.


Planning a trip to Paarl? Here are some pit stops that are worthwhile. They make the 30 minute trip there longer, but more exciting when coming from Stellenbosch side. The R44 will set you on your way. When you get to the R44 and R101 interchange you will see there is a place called Butterfly World on your right hand side. Do yourself a favour and go and see what it is all about. They have created the perfect conditions for a lot of animals. Birds, butterflies, iguanas, reptiles and even Duiker bucks this way people can experience them in a natural habitat. My favourite memories are when I saw a butterfly emerge out of its cocoon and when the fat squirrel climbed into my handbag to look for food.


Getting back onto the road again you will see small brown signs that says spice route and Fairview, be sure not to miss the turnoff to these gems. If you like wine and cheese your will enjoy the authentic atmosphere Fairview has to offer. Not only is it on a beautiful area but the wines as well as the cheese are made on the premises. You can do a wine and cheese tasting that is divinely delicious.  There is also a restaurant with great food if you want to eat something. At the entrance you get to enjoy the amusement of goats being silly and climbing a tower.

Further along that road you will find the Spice Route. It earned a very special place in my heart due to the amazing memories I made there with good friends. The view is breathtaking and it is much more than just a wine farm. You have the option to do a wine tasting and enjoy good conversation. Then there is the option of doing a beer tasting at CBC (Cape Brewing Company) made locally or to do a chocolate tasting at DV Artisan Chocolate. This company started in a garage as a hobby, they transformed home appliances into machines for their chocolate business.

What can I do in Paarl?

Paarl (the gem of the Cape) is most famous for the monument for the Afrikaans language, it’s one of a kind worldwide. Fifteen percent of South African people’s’ mother tongue is Afrikaans and only nine percent of people has English as mother tongue in South Africa. English is however the preferred language spoken to aid good communication and understanding. If you are interested to learn about the history of South Africa, I would recommend you ground your feet there. The history of a place is exactly what it says his story. Thus it is merely someone’s story that involved a lot of people and what they went through. I do like history merely for the fact to become aware of where my roots came from, what resonates with me and how much have changed since then. Change is the only constant they say.

For outdoor entertainment in Paarl you can visit the Paarl Mountain, it is a nature reserve. You will have amazing views and you can partake in activities like hiking, bike trails, picnic and many more.

There are also a lot of historic churches and buildings in Paarl city, open for the public to view. If that is not for you, you can visit KWV wine emporium and enjoy a tour of this company registered in 1918. The other option is always to talk to locals, make friends and they will show you around and advise you to go to their favourite places in Paarl. I found the people in Paarl very humble and friendly. They are all about having a good time and seeing beautiful places.

These are all just ideas for a road trip to Paarl, so do some of it or all of it. It is up to you and how you feel at that very moment. Here’s a few secrets to a fun filled road trip, long or short. Never be in a hurry or set a time to arrive. Don’t be scared to turn off the road to discover something amazing. Follow your gut feeling. Stop and breathe in the view and take a selfie if you feel like it. Be in the present moment.


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