Your Inward Journey

Your Inward Journey

These are all services I offer to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you are interested please get in touch for more details.

Energy is not bound to a room or area like material matter. It is free to roam and if you are reading this it is proof of that. I am sitting in a room creating a certain frequency and vibration of energy (words) which i am sending out into the universe for you to receive and benefit from. You are seeing this for a reason, so act on it. Highten, heal and renew your energy with these divine interests.

Online Guided Meditations

Travel time, space and consciousness where ever you are without moving your physical being. Start practicing the act of mindfulness and achieve the true goal of meditation by not allowing your thoughts to control you and letting go of the expectation that you can control your thoughts. This starts when we acknowledge that our ego and mind are the servants of our breath, so put the breath back into its rightful place as master and start noticing the small spaces in between the breath. Those small silenced spaces are not filled with noting, they are filled with the opportunity for everything, so listen and embrace this greatness.

Online Tarot Reading

“The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.”
This is not to predict the future or even evil witchy things weird people do. The way I see it, is bringing dormant feelings and events to the surface that we might be unaware of or suppressing. It is making us aware of the present, rather than the future. It helps us notice the links between the unconscious, subconscious and superconscious parts of our life. If our external world is a reflection of our internal world and our guides are constantly trying to make us aware of particular blocks we are creating towards abundance, these cards are a great way to filter the messages from our guides into the physical world. We can get a different perception on answers that lied dormant within us so that we can change our perception, change the things we can and learn to accept the things we can’t.

Online Dream Analysis

What we dream does not depend on age, health or sex, and to say that we do not dream simply means that we do not remember having dreamt. Dreams are the manifestation in consciousness of the operations of the sub conscious mind, which has functions to perform above and beyond those conscious reasons, and this is what is often termed “intuition”. Understanding your dreams and their significance can unlock doors to a deeper understanding of yourself. Every dream has significance. Find out what your dreams mean and tips how you can grow your ability to lucid dream.

Online Yoga Asana Classes

Enjoy and grow your own practice with a guided class. When ever and where ever you are. Sometimes life happens and you can’t go to a yoga class or you are simply not close to a yoga studio. This allows you to practice yoga outside of the existance of time and place. Have a class atlered and constructed to you personally, based on building your different strengths until you realise you don’t have weaknesses, just different levels of strengths. By planting the seeds of self love we can watch it grow and assist us, by dealing with the consequences of being ourselves authentically.

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